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Notion is about conception; a belief in something; a new perspective. It's all about thinking differently.


We are a Los Angeles based creative agency and production company, working collaboratively with brands and agencies to craft memorable concepts, compelling stories and producing content that resonates, excites and inspires. 


We aim to think differently in everything we do, from the creative and storytelling to production and budgets. Rooted in flexibility, our vision lies in delivering the highest quality product while providing an exceptional, seamless experience for our clients and partners. Every single time.


Notion is a sustainable, socially-conscious company, committed to diversity and sustainability for the benefit of all people. We believe all voices have equal value and our world is worth protecting with action and conviction. We have extensive experience delivering powerful content in the social impact space, embracing and leading in a sector that supports our tomorrow.


Notion represents a new generation of creative content production, where imagination and creativity, at every moment, evokes a better outcome. 


Content Reimagined.

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LESTER PERKINS: Principal, Head of Content & Creative / Director

Born: ENGLAND  Lester has enjoyed a 25 year career as a Director, Filmmaker and Creative Director, crafting and leading advertising campaigns and narrative content for some of the world's largest brands. A former SVP, Content for CBS Corporation, Lester's emphasis is always on memorable, dynamic storytelling with a cinematic aesthetic. He has directed successful, awarded productions across six continents over three decades.


SEAN O'CONNOR: Principal, Head of Production & Operations

Born: USA Sean is a pure Producer, driven by an attention to detail and unwavering commitment to deliver high production value at the best possible cost. For the past 15 years, he has elevated productions within almost every visual medium, from social, digital and music videos to network commercials, television, and feature films - producing content for some of the world's biggest brands and Hollywood's most prestigious studios.


JANNELLE SO: Principal, Head of Business Development 

Born: PHILIPPINES Jannelle has been working both in front and behind the camera in the entertainment industry since she was 17. Her career has grown from her beginnings as a Sports Reporter in Manila, and flourished into hosting & producing multiple TV shows in the US market. She is now a respected Media Pioneer in her community and an entrepreneur across several properties in the media and advertising space.


XIAODAN 'ARIEL' HAO: Principal, Head of Art & Design

Born: CHINA  Ariel is a classically-trained artist whose love of film motivated her studies at the prestigious China Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing, China.  She moved to America to continue her studies before embarking on an instantly successful career as an Art Director and Designer in Hollywood. Ariel has helped shape the aesthetic for some of television's most popular shows, including productions from CBS, Netflix, Sony, and Apple+.


ERIC J. SMITH: Partner, Director / Photographer

Born: USA  Eric is a multidisciplinary creative with a 25 year career that spans roles at top creative agencies in New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco. He has directed live action and animated sequences for major feature films at Paramount, Disney, Universal and numerous commercials for Fortune 500 companies. As a former SVP Content at the CBS Corporation, Eric directed content at the intersection of commerce and social good. He is also an accomplished photographer featured by National Geographic, Smithsonian and the Royal Photographic Society.

JEFF E HONEA: Partner, Creative Director / Director

Born: USA  Jeff is a director and creative strategist with a 30-year career in media and advertising.  While at LA’s premiere agencies, he led innovative, standard-busting media campaigns for brands across the retail, consumer packaged goods and automotive categories. Also a former SVP, Content at CBS Corporation, Jeff has been developing and directing branded social impact campaigns for the past decade.


VIHANG WALVE: Post Production Supervisor

Born: INDIA: Vihang is an editor and a motion graphic artist with over a decade of experience leading post-production projects for international clients, creating commercials, social media content and documentaries. After graduating in Design Illustration from the prestigious Sir. J. J. School of Arts, Mumbai, he worked as a storyboard artist for global advertising agencies before transitioning to post production. He has also collaborated with renowned filmmakers like Mani Ratnam and Manish Malhotra on successful commercial films in Bollywood.

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